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Maxwell "Little Demon" Envious Sparkling NV

McLaren Vale
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Maxwell "Little Demon" Envious Sparkling NV

The Name
In 1871 Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell proposed a thought experiment, that involved a hypothetical creature acting as a gatekeeper between two compartments to sort gas molecules according to their speed.
At first glance, such a system could potentially create energy from nothing… theoretically impossible given the laws of physics.
This hypothetical gatekeeper became known to physicists as Maxwell’s Little Demon, and has stirred debate in the science community for more than a century.

A simple play on words - ‘Envious’ was chosen to represent our Non Vintage Sparkling wine, or ‘NVS’ for short.

Colour & Aroma
Bright pale straw colour.
Aromas of fresh green apple and citrus effervesce.

The citrus flavours illuminate the palate and provide the wine with freshness.
Delicate creamy yeast characters bring style and complexity, while a subtle melon note plays in the background.
The wine has good length with a pleasantly dry finish