Sequent McLaren Vale Grenache 2021

McLaren Vale
$180.00 /6 PACK

Sequent McLaren Vale Grenache 2021

The vineyard
We have James Busby to thank for Grenache putting down South Australian roots in 1838.
He’d travelled through Spain (disputed birthplace of Garnacha) and France (let’s not forget the Rhône!) collecting cuttings.
Grenache was a survivor and thrived in conditions reminiscent of home.
Often blended, we want Grenache to be championed—boldly going it alone.

The wine
Early budding and late ripening, Grenache relishes heat.
We are proud to source our carefully selected fruit from family run Little Road Vineyard in Whites Valley.
Our (secret!) winemaker has an impressive track record (it’s some time since he was crowned “Young Winemaker of the Year”...) of making awardwinning Grenache.
We begged him to make ours because we adore his wine, wanted an excuse to hang out eating Chinese food and are still hoping for a spin in the go-carts.
2021 was a splendid vintage in the Vale. Amazing quality resulted from a wet early Spring followed by an unusually cool, dry Summer that allowed steady, drawn-out ripening and perfectly paced flavour development.
Fruit was destemmed to small-batch open fermenters and pumped over by hand twice daily.
Fermentation lasted a week before the wine was pressed to seasoned French oak puncheons and left to rest for six months.
Al highlights that it was his “five minutes of glory pump over” (© Secret Winemaker) on day three that has made extraordinary Grenache.
Whatever was done and whoever did it, the wine is delicious.
Sequent 2021 Grenache is bright and fresh with vibrant crimson fruit and berries.
Medium-bodied, it’s packed with perfumed aromatics of cherries and redcurrants.
Light peppery spice and subtle oaksourced elements leave a long finish and subtle savoury notes.
A sophisticated balancing act of fruit purity, natural acidity and smooth tannin structure; a versatile crowd-pleaser.

Food pairing
Grenache pairs brilliantly with slow cooked stews and classics – like our favourite veal cotolette at Amalfi.
Adventurous? Try it with a Hungarian goulash or Korean bulgogi.
Like us, Grenache loves herbs and spices!

It’s exquisite at room temperature, but twenty minutes in the fridge and it’s a refreshing, warm-weather red.

Picked on Monday 12th of April 2021
Bottled on Wednesday 13th of October 2021