Sequent Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris 2022

Adelaide Hills
$180.00 /6 PACK

Sequent Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris 2022

The vineyard
Pineau Gris vines, as they were then known, were first brought from the Cote-d’Or in the early 1830s by Busby, the father of Australian viticulture.
It was 150 years before growers recognised that Pinot Gris was perfectly suited to the cooler climate of the Adelaide Hills and that consumers were excited to try new,alternative varieties.
Our Sequent 2021 Pinot Gris comes from carefully selected parcels of F4V6 clone; cool Hills evenings encourage great acid retention alongside a gradual flavour ripeness without excess phenolic development.

The Wine
We only make our Sequent Pinot Gris in the Adelaide Hills— it is the very best expression of region and variety—paying due homage to both.
Our (secret) winemaker has a long track record of making delicious Pinot Gris in the Adelaide Hills.
His forefathers arrived in Australia in 1903 and three generations of grape growers and winemakers later, the family still owns one of the best sites in the Adelaide Hills.
We worked together to make an honest and pure wine we all love. Easy to drink; easy to enjoy.

Food pairing
Pinot Gris is very versatile and a perfect dinner companion—but the freshness also makes it enjoyable as an aperitif.
Naturally zippy, grilled calamari, a pea risotto, mozzarella salad or roast chicken are classic, textbook matches.
For a change, try it with shrimp tacos, Vietnamese crispy pork belly or spicy Szechuan chicken.
Seriously, Sequent Pinot Gris goes with just about everything, anytime—including nothing—which is sometimes the perfect option.

There are no hard and fast rules for serving Pinot Gris.
We like ours cold—straight out of the fridge—but some of our friends like theirs slightly warmer to bring out the fruit.
Your call!