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D'arenberg The Stump Jump Riesling 2020

McLaren Vale
Members Price: $135.00
$150.00 /DOZEN

D'arenberg The Stump Jump Riesling 2020

The Name
It is rumoured that the inventor of the Stump Jump plough, which enabled a ploughshare to jump over tree roots, had poor eyesight and required regular tests to ensure he could still operate machinery.
The design of this label is inspired by an optometrist’s eyechart and serves as a makeshift sobriety test.
If you can hold the bottle at arm’s length and still read the front label, you can enjoy another glass.

The Winemaking
The grapes used in this wine underwent gentle crushing, temperature controlled fermentation and basket pressing prior to bottling.

The Wine
A lovely fresh and zippy Riesling.
Notes of apple, pear and citrus notes present themselves immediately jumping from the glass.
A touch of sweetness, and a rich, juicy flavour profile, with fine acidity providing a sharp crispness to the finish.
Extremely bright and refreshing