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Bella Estate Estilo Gordo Alicante Bouchet NV

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Bella Estate Estilo Gordo Alicante Bouchet NV

Appearance: Light red in Appearance with a tinge of pink.

Bouquet: Floral, Rose like nose with tropical fruit salad apparent with a good swirl. Palate: Fruit driven wine that is light and elegant. Tones of honey suckle and fruit salad come through on the palate. There is definitely some sweetness apparent in this wine but it is well balanced and extremely appealing. A great wine on a warm day. This wine should be chilled. The 9.5% alcohol level is great because it won’t overwhelm. This is Summer must!

Food Partners: This is an extremely versatile wine that can be consumed in conjunction with most foods, red meat or white meat. It can also be enjoyed on its own, with company or without.