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Brief History

Skye Cellars

Skye Cellars has been operating for over 28 years. It is a family owned and operated business situated in the heritage listed Auldana Estate Winery in the Adelaide foothills.

The staff at Skye Cellars pride themselves on their extensive wine knowledge and extensive range.

We believe in providing the highest quality wine at the very best possible price. In support of our beliefs we have been Messenger Newspapers Small Business Awards finalist 2003 - 2007, winning 2005 in the Best Bottle Shop/Liquor Store category.

Skye Cellars is the current custodian of the Auldana Estate Winery and is proud of its heritage. We are more than just a Liquor Cellar, we still produce wine under a number labels including the Auldana Estate Label. Although wine is no longer made onsite, the long history of the Audana Estate label lives on. We now source grapes from the South Australian premium wine regions and made under contract at state of the art winemaking facilities, to ensure we bring to you wine of the highest quality.

Auldana Estates History

The history of Auldana Estate is a long and important one in the history of Australian wine and the state of South Australia. Although there were earlier attempts at producing an Australian Sparkling Burgandy, the first serious productions were carried out by Auldana Estate in early 1890's.

Mention of Auldana to the average Adelaide resident will bring the response that it is a fashionable eastern foothills suburb. But there will be very few who will associate the name with wine.

 Yet, a century ago, Auldana was technologically advanced, was respected for the quality of its wines, and enjoyed great prominence in the marketplace.
The Auldana vineyard had been started in 1846 by Patrick Auld, and had undergone considerable expansion as it pursued exports to Britain. But in 1888, after the export business had got into difficulties, and after the death of Patrick Auld in 1886, the mortgagee, Josiah Symon took possession of the winery. Symon was one of Adelaide's leading legal figures, and politically active. He had been Attomey-General in the 1881 Morgan ministry, and was pro-Federation, and an advocate of free trade. He was later knighted at the time of becoming a Senator in the first Federal Parliament. Edmond Mazure was employed to manage the production. The decision was later made to enter the production of champagne, and an expansion programme of the cellars was commenced.

Penfolds purchased Auldana in the 1940's. before being sold to the current owners in 1980. The only Auldana asset to remain with Penfolds is the St. Henri label.

Part of the Auldana Estate heritage listed tunnels

Part of the heritage listed tunnels at Auldana

History of St Henri

St Henri was originally modelled after a wine made at Auldana, which was eventually acquired by Penfolds. The resident winemaker there was married to a Henrietta, and his son's name was Henri. Penfold's winemaker John Davoren's devoted work with St. Henri set new standards in Barossa reds. St. Henri has long established itself as an elegant, perfumed style based on fruit definition and maturation in old oak. St Henri has always been Shiraz driven, with small varying percentages of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Penfolds Bin 389

The original Bin 389 used grapes from the old Auldana Vineyard 


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